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I would like to introduce you to the people that make Trinity Farms. Jesse Silva has worked with Highlands for a good majority of his life with his father Frank Silva. Jamie Silva has been around the highlands alongside Jesse for about 20 years now. It wasn’t until we had our 2 kids, Easton and Wrenley Silva that we become very involved as a family and started our own herd.

The Silva family has been associated with Scottish Highland Cattle in Colorado for many years now. Jesse's father, Frank Silva, became interested in Scottish Highland Cattle when he first laid eyes on the breed over 30 years ago at the National Western Stock Show in Denver, Colorado. He has been instrumental in maintaining the Scottish Highland breed and passing down his expertise to us at Trinity Farms.

After many years of showing Scottish Highland Cattle at local fairs and the National Western Stock Show, it was a natural transition for me and Jamie to develop our own line of Scottish Highland and eventually purchase our own farm aptly named, Trinity Farms. In 2000, I married Jamie Halmagyi. After 9 years of marriage, Jamie and I started our family. We welcomed our son, Easton, and three years later, our daughter, Wrenley. Eventually, we bought our farm and named it Trinity Farms which is located in Greeley, Colorado about 55 miles north of Denver.

We share a strong faith in God as well as a strong commitment to maintaining the integrity of the Scottish Highland Cattle breed. We believe in hard work, honesty and integrity in all we do and instill those beliefs in our children. Managing Trinity Farms and being responsible on a daily basis for the wellbeing of many head of Scottish Highland Cattle and their offspring has brought us great joy, adventures, happiness, and continued involvement in the National WesternStock Show and other shows throughout the United States. We actively support and help with the junior program as well as many other areas of the Scottish Highland Cattle Association.

We are determined and dedicated in continuing the fine lines of breeding and maintaining the excellent hereditary qualities of the Scottish Highland Cattle breed here at Trinity Farms. We welcome you to our website.


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