Why Highlands

Come face-to-face with a Scottish Highland and you’ll soon know why we love them here at Trinity Farms. The first thing you notice about them is their long shaggy hair and hair that looks like bangs over their eyes. Under the hair over their eyes are beautiful long eyelashes surrounding soft gentle eyes. Long horns that can be either straight, curved out or curved up, and usually darker at the tips make Highland Cattle unforgettable.

They have a double coat of hair that can be challenging to keep free of tangles and knots. Weeks before any show or fair, all of us at Trinity Farms, begin the process of gathering the Highlands from the pasture. They are haltered and tied up and we begin the task of washing, combing, and cleaning their soft downy undercoat and long outercoat. As you can imagine, when out at pasture they can get muddy, dirty, and wind-blown. With hair that can get as long as 13-inches, it can be a challenge to detangle. After hours of working on the Highlands, it’s not unusual for Easton and Wrenley to have water fights with the hose and end up as wet as the Highlands! The Highlands thick hair and hide enables them to withstand harsh exposure to the elements. Highlands come in many different hair colors. At Trinity Farms, we have many red, yellow, dun, black, and brindled Highlands.

Scottish Highlands are a hearty breed that adapts to poor grazing efficiently. The Highland cows are very attentive mothers and can live and breed past eighteen years. The cows have strong maternal instincts and rarely abandon their calves. They are fierce protectors of their young and will not hesitate to use their horns to protect their babies from predators. Most mothers are very approachable after the birth of their calf; however, some mothers are so fiercely protective, that care must be taken when approaching them to avoid any surprises. A mature Scottish Highland cow can weigh as much as 1,100 pounds and at birth, calves can weigh between 50-75 pounds. The bulls on the other hand, can weigh as much as 1,800 pounds. In our experience at Trinity Farms, Scottish Highland bulls are usually docile, gentle giants with the exception of breeding time. Then, they are determined, aggressive and will use all their strength and might to achieve their goal of breeding. At Trinity Farms, we’ve learned it’s best to stay out of their way!

Scottish Highland Cattle render some of the best beef in the world. The meat is lean, tender, and well-marbled. It has lower levels of fat and cholesterol and is rich in iron. It is the only beef that we eat at Trinity Farms. If you’ve never tried it or experienced its unique flavor, we highly recommend it!


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